Personal Shopper

The personal shopper: saving you time and effort
Being on a business trip and not having the opportunity or the energy for shopping? You wish to buy a thoughtful gift for your loved one(s) at home, but you’re just too tired and not familiar around this city?

From clothing & presents to concert tickets
An amazing designer dress that was sold out ‘back home’ is still available in your size in this town, but you are stuck at a congress all day! You forgot your colleague’s birthday, but the office is situated too far from the centre. In need of tickets to the opera, concert hall or that special exhibition, but no time to stand in a queue? The personal shopper offers you a solution.

Short notice
If you contact The Shop Nanny before 10 am by telephone or e-mail – and you tell her your wishes and name your budget – in most cases a personal shopper will go out looking for your items the same day. Exactly at that place and in time. You can check it off your list. Contacting us is all you have to do.

Contact while shopping
If desired, we can keep you updated by text message, e-mail or telephone. Or you can rely on our professionals completely. Because the personal shoppers of The Shop Nanny are extremely capable at finding the right item for you!

The Shop Nanny personal shopper service is currently available in Amsterdam.