About Nanny

Who or what is The Shop Nanny?
The Shop Nanny is an initiative by Nanny de Bruin. Nanny is a stylist and fashion editor. As a stylist she has over twenty years of experience in television, lifestyle magazines, advertising campaigns and commercials.

International network of stylists
Nanny has also been working as a personal shopper/stylist in Amsterdam for many years. Nanny is completely up-to-date on the latest trends in fashion.

Professional styling for everyone
The Shop Nanny is the result of Nanny de Bruin’s desire to make her expertise accessible to a wider public. She feels professional styling – mainly used by fashion magazines, advertising agencies and also makeover television programs – should be available to everyone. The Shop Nanny is a service that provides women and men with an experienced stylist who will show them around and advise them while shopping in Amsterdam . Nanny will even go shopping for (business) people with not enough time on their hands. See also The Shop Nanny in the media.

Two modules
To accommodate different shopping-wishes The Shop Nanny offers three modules:
•    Prêt-a-porter (1 to a maximum of 4 persons)
•    Personal Shopper (who will go shopping for you)
A question form is used before all modules to determine your personal preferences.

Afterwards we will ask how you have experienced The Shop Nanny’s service. This to monitor the quality of our service and to improve it wherever possible.