How about that frustrating feeling of shopping for hours without finding anything suitable or exciting? Or when the sales lady recommends you a dress that just doesn’t feel right? Or that piece of clothing that doesn’t look so cute anymore by the time you wear it at home? Do you love shopping in Amsterdam?

The Shop Nanny is the answer!
You book a trip, for yourself or with your friends, to the great European fashion city Amsterdam. There you will spend the night at a hotel of choice and wake up full of energy. After a lovely breakfast you will meet with a stylist who takes you out shopping for 5 hours.

Imagine, shopping with your own personal stylist
She will take you to the cute, hip and beautiful stores with just that little bit extra. Boutiques that are hard to find for the average tourist, but well worth being discovered by you…

Just like a movie star from “The devil wears Prada”, “Pretty Woman”, or “Sex and the City”!
Discovering the latest trends and finding the outfit that suits your style. The Shop Nanny will provide you with an experienced stylist, who exactly knows the places to be. She can introduce you to aspects of local lifestyle only an insider would know: fashion, design, music and going out. All based on your personal preferences.